Latch Introduction

Latch is a blockchain interoperability protocol designed to unify yield, liquidity, and chains. By building a unified crypto UX, we are committed to accelerating the adoption of the on-chain financial system.

Why Go On-chain?

The on-chain financial system powered by decentralized blockchain and crypto offers unique values (vs. traditional finance):

  • Open and permissionless on a global scale

  • More transparent

  • More efficient

  • Trust-minimizing

The Problem

However, navigating through the on-chain financial system is quite complex and unintuitive. The ever-increasing numbers of chains, tokens, and assets are fragmenting the user & developer experiences.

The Solution

To address fragmentation issues and achieve interoperability, the Latch Protocol is building on liquid staking/re-staking, cross-chain liquidity management, and intent settlement infrastructures.

Our first product is Smart Savings built on Gravity Chain, aiming to achieve:

  • Omni-chain Yield: Deposit your idle tokens on any chain, select a preferred vault, and earn yields & points with ease

  • On-demand Liquidity: Unlock liquidity to your staked savings on all chains instantly

  • Universal Balance: Enjoy a unified savings balance that can be spent on all chains, and in all supported dApps

More features to come in future iterations. Stay tuned for updates.

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