On-demand Omni-chain Liquidity

Unlock Liquidity to Your Staked Positions

Crypto staking is often subject to a waiting period (usually 7-14 days) when you unstake. To address this issue, we see a lot of liquid staking protocols that allow users to swap out instead of waiting for withdrawal.

However, swapping out usually comes with friction, as the LSD/LRT tokens on DEX are generally trading at a discount to the original token. For example, swapping ether.fi’s weETH to ETH comes at a 0.3% friction, compared to withdrawing weETH from the protocol.

The liquidity solution offered by Latch helps minimize that friction, by aggregating all liquidity sources, including providing omni-chain liquidity on its own.

Aggregating Liquidity

There are multiple sources of liquidity providers:

  • Latch offering certain omni-chain liquidity quota

  • LSD/LRT (e.g. Ether.fi, Ethena) players providing liquidity to support their LSD/LRT token pegging

  • Users contributing liquidity for LP yield

  • Partner dApps contributing liquidity for improved UX

Leveraging the cross-chain intent settlement, both on-chain liquidity (e.g. DEX & Bridges) and off-chain liquidity (CEX) can be aggregated, to maximize transaction efficiency.

Use Cases for On-demand Omni-chain Liquidity

Transactions in crypto space are usually very time-sensitive: waiting to withdraw tokens from LSD/LRT protocols could have huge opportunity costs. We all want to get instant liquidity whenever and wherever we want.

By offering Omni-chain Liquidity, Latch facilitates various use cases:

  • Refuel gas fees on any chain

  • Buy NFT/Memecoins instantly on any chain

  • Use Latch balance to spend directly in dApps

  • … And a lot more to come!

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