How Are the APYs Calculated

For the underlying APY of Ether.Fi and Ethena Vaults, we sourced 3rd party APY data from Pendle, which reflects the market trading prices of the implied yield from Ether.Fi (restaking) and Ethena (locking USDe to earn Ethena Sats), incorporating the value of their airdrop points.

To reward early users, Latch is also offering APY boost at launch, together with our launch partner Galxe. Such that eligible users can earn an additional 20% APY boost, leading to total APY of 40%+. See more details in this post:

So the "Total Estimated APY" shown in the dashboard is the sum of: Staking Yields + Expected Value of Points (which will turn into airdrops) + Latch's APY boost.

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