Why I Have to Wait A Few Days for Withdrawal

Crypto staking rules usually implement a lock-up period.

For Ether.Fi, withdraw means unstaking the ETH which was restaked to Eigenlayer. The process could in theory take the time to withdraw from Eigenlayer AND from Ethereum validators. In practice, Ether.Fi provides an expedited withdrawal service that normally takes 5 days to process.

For Ethena, in order to earn Ethena Sats (its version of airdrop points), we need to lock the USDe deposited into Ethena’s contract, which is subject to a 7-14 days lock period. Such that withdrawing USDe from the Ethena Vault has to go through this 7-14 day wait period.

If you only need to withdraw a small portion of your balance (<10%), you can use the omni-chain liquidity portal (https://savings.latch.io/liquidity) to withdraw to any token on any chain instantly. Such quota is capped at 10% of your balance initially, and can be automatically refilled when the underlying assets are withdrawn from the respective yield protocols.

More withdrawal options will be available in the coming iterations.

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